I’ve Got It Too!

Getting breast cancer was the farthest from my mind! It wasn’t in my genes, so I thought. Other types, maybe.  So when I learned that my young friend in church had cysts in her breasts, I examined mine thoroughly and found I had them, too.   I was in denial.  Maybe they are benign, because so many are praying for me that they would be benign.  It took 3 more months before I had the mammogram and ultrasound, consulted a surgeon who wrongly diagnosed it as benign, using a needle biopsy. Had a second opinion, and then had a radical mastectomy on Dec 04, 2014.

I didn’t want to write about my illness in my facebook. But then I realized, it would help others – debunking myths and misconceptions, etc. So, for the time being, I’ll be writing about my experience with breast cancer, chemotheraphy and everything connected with it.  This is going to be a long long journey.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Got It Too!

  1. well done for deciding to document your experiences. I have found reading otherpeople’s blogs so useful since being dagnosed. It was what made me decide to write up my own.

    Good luck with your treatment – what kind of chemo are you having?


  2. Great things come from sharing. Good luck with everything. I was diagnosed with breast cancer just fall. I had a double mastectomy & started reconstruction. Then I went through 18 rounds of chemo. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’ll help where I can.


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