The Loneliest Homecoming

I had agreed to a “frozen” excision/mastectomy, with a 90% hope that the biopsy on the cyst would be benign.  The “frozen” excision biopsy means that they would excise the cyst,  “freeze” it and bring it to the laboratory for biopsy.  Should it be malignant, the surgeon would go ahead with the mastectomy or remove the affected breast and lymph nodes. If it is benign, I go home the next day.  If not, I stay in the hospital for 5-6  days. I had the latter, and experienced all the hardships of undergoing a major operation – vomitting after I turn conscious after the operation due to the anesthesia, being attached to the dextrose for a number of days with 2 drains attached to my left chest to take the dripping blood,  to experience diarrhea, etc.  I felt a great sense of relief when the doctor finally signed my discharge slip.  I went home on a rainy afternoon to a lonely house. ( I am single and live with my single nephew and maid.)  I went inside my musty room which was locked for 5 days. It was the loneliest homecoming I have ever experienced as I know the long and difficult  journey to recovery ahead.

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