My First Chemotheraphy

Having breast cancer at stage 2b, I thought my oncologist would say I would just undergo 6 or less cycles.  But no, it had to be 8 cycles, 33 days of radiation, and because I was  ER+, PR+ and HER2+, I would need to undergo 18 more cycles with Herceptin. (I could take the 8, but 18 more!). I did cry and got worried bec the Herceptin is so expensive.  After I complete the treatment, I would have totally exhausted  my resources!  I only have a government medical insurance which is really not much, being in the Philippines.  I did try to apply with PCSO, but I didn’t get much either. I am going to explore other avenues, but it is so tedious especially when you are suffering from the effects of chemo.

And how is chemotheraphy?  The first time takes longer  because of longer hydration procedures before and after the chemo meds proper.  The meds are given intravenously, so get ready with the needle.  I get to sit on a lazy boy, and there’s TV, the audio you ca hardly hear. I am sleepy anyway because they give me anti-histamine and anti- vomit drug.  Because of the hydration, I  feel like going to the toilet frequently. And what’s tough about it is  I am  attached to the chemo machine so I  need a companion to help me to the toilet. I  do get hungry, but I  don’t feel like eating.  I have to endure this procedure for 5-6 hours. And the worst part when I get home is I couldn’t eat because of the bitter taste of everything  I put in my mouth.  I have to wait for 10 days for the bitter aftertaste to lessen.  I could feel the full effect of chemo on the 3rd day when I feel so tired and weak, although I can still do light house chores. And my immune system is so low I have to wear nose mask or avoid getting near people. And on the second week. I lost almost all of my hair!

7 thoughts on “My First Chemotheraphy

  1. Hi. I too am ER, PR and HER2 positive! We’re on the same boat. I’m going through radiation right now. Finished 6 rounds of chemo (carboplatin and taxeltere) pluse the target cell therapy ( herceptin and perjeta). Herceptin will carry on until July of this year for a total of 12 rounds. I’m glad you found me. Where are you in the world? I’m in California.


      1. My ethnicity is Cambodian. I have a long way for herceptin. Then, going into post menopausal with injections the. Taking tamoxifen. How are you doing? When you were doing radiation did you have any aches and pain in your muscles it joints? How did you do handle chemo?


      2. I had mastectomy last Dec 2014, 4 cycles of epirubicin and 4 cycles of docetaxel or taxotere last Jan 26 to July 2015, 33x of daily radiation, and 18 cycles of herceptin (Wheww)! I ‘m a stage 2B breast cancer patient. I had 1 lymph node and 1 rotter’s node positive for cancer out of the 22 lymph nodes removed. I’m not as fine as I used to be, there’s some feeling of weakness but aside from that and the affected arm, I’m feeling normal. I try to eat healthy and exercise (or dance) at least 30 min every other day and am very active in church.


  2. I am stage 3. 10+ lymphnodes out of 20. I have six rounds of carboplatin and taxeltere and perfect and herceptin. Herceptin will continue till 07/2017. I’m in radiation therapy now for 6 weeks. Then will be on tamoxifen for 5-10 years depending on new research.


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