Mind Over Matter

For me, the hardest thing about undergoing chemo is dealing with my palate or taste buds later.  It is at it’s worse the next day up to the tenth day.  And even up to the 4th week, the hints of bitterness and flatness that gets into my mouth remains.  I can take the weak feeling or constipation or diarrhea.  There are ways to correct them.  But there is nothing I  can do about my  white paste-covered tongue.  I  can brush my tongue or gurgle or rinse it every minute, and still the taste remains.  All I  can do is command myself to swallow the food no matter what the taste or get a stomachache from hunger. I  just have to convince myself I need to eat to get my red blood cells and white blood cells up or the doctor is going to give me blood transfusion. I couldn’t even get excited about eating out.  Everything tastes flat or bitter except for sweets – ice cream, halo-halo, cakes and the like.  Actually I’m seriously considering stopping my last two regular chemo (seriously praying about it).  If all I can eat are cancer-causing food such as these sweets, then what’s the use?  Maybe I should just stop, and get into alternative medicine.  The taste of vegetables and fruits from the juicer will be like heaven once I get my taste buds back.  Anyway, I’m going on with radiation and herceptin still.  But am  still awaiting a sign from God.

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