“We Find Ways”.

I said I would explore acupuncture and hypnosis to help me overcome the side effects of chemotherapy especially nausea and bad taste of food. Well, I asked around re: Acupuncture and I need to undergo 6 sessions and I’m not even sure if the effects would stay until the next chemo or I need to do it every after chemo session. So, that’s not happening anytime soon.

As I was looking for a hypnotist in the internet, I happen to come across Hypnotherapy and visualization techniques. That’s what I tried. The hypnotist or the one reciting the mantras didn’t exactly say the subject will be rid of the effects of nausea or that the bitter taste will leave.  She just said that Chemotherapy is good and killing the cancer cells.

I didn’t know if it was the one responsible for my appetite after just about 9 days after my chemo.  I just realized I kept on eating even when the bitter taste hasn’t left me. Or maybe the friends I called up when I was feeling distraught from the effects of chemo,  prayed for me.  I also attended a Healing priest’s First Friday Mass.

What I know is, the mind is easily swayed by suggestions especially if the subject is willing.  Maybe it is true you can heal yourself with visualization techniques.

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