Healing The Stitches

I’m the type of person who finds it hard to sit still, so getting this radical mastectomy was a major difficulty for me.  The doctor and nurses had to remind me to restrict my movements, I walked unassisted to the chapel (Maybe about 300m away from my wing) after the third day of surgery. The surgeon had given me a stern warning, that if I don’t heed his warning and it bleeds, I would be stitched a second time. I also kept on asking him when he’d remove the IV until he displayed a bit of impatience with me.  So, after my discharge,  for almost a month, all I did was visit the surgeon almost twice weekly so he can change the bandage.  I couldn’t even take a proper bath as he said I should guard against the wound getting wet. I feel like it will never be over until, since it was almost Christmas day, he told me it would be my last visit.  Thank God! I thought he’d never let go of me so I can go on with my chemotherapy.

A few months later, I learned from a co-patient that her surgeon allowed her to change the bandage by herself and bathe only after a week!

(This was from a saved draft that chronologically,  should have been my second post.)

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