The Non-stick Pan Has It.

I was watching a Ladies’ Mag Show one night and featured was a chef who said that we should use only wooden spatula when cooking in a non-stick pan as the scratched non-stick paint when accidentally eaten is dangerous to health and would cause C-A-N-C-E-R.

We have 4 non-stick frying pans – one is new and without any visible scratch, one has  2 inches diameter  paint- peeled- off portion due to its being used as a frying pan (I observed that high heat causes the paint to peel off),  2 are almost scrubbed out of non-stick paint due to  the maid’s vigorous scrubbing until they shine.

When younger, I think I must have been  warned about something like this but I sort of took it for granted because so many things are said to cause cancer that I thought “What doesn’t cause cancer?”

There’s one thing I realized:  God hardly exempts anyone from the natural order of things.  Saints of long ago usually die of tuberculosis at an early age like St Therese of Lisieux because there was no cure for TB yet .  She could have done more to evangelize people had she lived longer.

So maybe everytime I ask God ,  “Why did You allow me to get cancer?”  Maybe He keeps on saying “Why not you? You keep on frying in that damaged non-stick pan!”.

So next week, I’m off to buy a high grade stainless steel frying pan.  Better yet, avoid frying my food.

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