Veins Gone Brittle

It was on my 7th chemo when I experienced the nurse inserting and removing the needles twice for IV chemo because she said the veins on my right hand have gone brittle from chemo.  She can’t do it to my left hand as the lymph nodes have been removed there and therefore will have a hard time fighting infection.           Inserting the needle is painful. So is removing the needle again. Ouch!  Nurse L is sweet and caring, but  she usually takes long inserting the needle successfully.  So she called the tough-looking Ms. S for help who, despite being stern, did the job and ended my agony.

And this painful process had to be repeated one week after when I had my CBC and total platelets count tested at the laboratory. This time, it was on my inner arm joint bisecting the elbow.  Twice, the med tech inserted the needles with the syringe to draw some blood, but there was no blood! And she gave the same reason as Nurse L – my veins are already brittle,  as twice a month, I undergo the same procedure in the same spot.  She did get some blood from my already painful vein from my hand on the third try.

This got me wondering how the children with cancer handle chemotherapy with all those needles and pain!

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