Preparing For My 8th Chemo

My 8th and last regular chemo tomorrow, I am meeting it prepared.  Went to market to buy all the food I can tolerate in that 1 difficult week after chemo- root crops and the Saba variety of banana and corn which will all be boiled .  Pastries are fine for my tastebuds, but too much sugar and cream are not recommended for cancer patients. Also,  bought fruits in season like mangoes and guavas.  Just in case I run out of raw foods, I also stock up on oatmeal and cereals and natural juice in tetra packs. Made sure I have enough chicken and ginger for my congee.

I’d rather attend the BEC Basic Orientation Seminar yesterday, but I had to go get my Hematology and Blood Chemistry tests.  I was planning to go even though I was late, but my nephew with his two cute kids and wife came to visit, and like all patients undergoing chemo treatment I get tired easily.   So, that’s it – no way I can attend the seminar.  I hate disappointing the Head of our Parish BEC as he was insistent for us to attend, but my priority is to ensure that my chemo happens. I have already postponed it for one week because of my brittle veins. I was also able to pick up my chemo drugs, had my gov’t health insurance documents ready, made arrangements with my nephew to bring me to the hospital and my sister to accompany me,  listened to the hypnotherapy audio, and prayed hard for a successful chemo.  Did I miss anything? Ready to go!

3 thoughts on “Preparing For My 8th Chemo

      1. Oh my goodness, well bless you. I agree too that nutrition is so important. While my husband was going through cancer, that is when I really started focusing on what we were eating.


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