Eating Healthy

Dec 31 2012 016

After what I’ve been through and will still go through just to beat this cancer, I said I will eat healthier if that is what it will take to keep the cancer from coming back.  I intend to follow what the famous doctor on the TV and radio program recommend for a disease-free body:  Avoid eating pork, beef, chicken and seafood, dairy, butter and margarine and sugar (sucrose).  Eat lots of pesticide-free vegetables and fruits, beans, mushrooms.

But it’s not only diet that one should monitor, he said. We should also determine if we are getting enough sleep at night, enough love, and hugs, have not harbored ill feelings against anyone( in other words, forgive), manage stress and that we do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I was trying to reduce my animal meat intake and probably was able to reduce it by 50%. Most probably what got me was the stressful situation I was in during that time and whatever cancer-causing elements I may have ingested unknowingly.

Going back to the present, as I was making my menu and market list, I realized it was harder to do so as I do not know with what to replace the meats with as ingredients to the dish without altering the flavor (and artificial seasonings are also not allowed). Before, I could just reduce the meat by 50%.  But now, that it should be totally meatless?  It is harder than I thought!

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