Why The Children?

When I was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer, I often asked myself what grave sins I have committed to be punished so, or what wrong food have I been eating, or what stressors in my life have caused this.

But then, during the course of my radiation, I have encountered children undergoing radiation for cancer, too – a two-year old boy who has tumor in his bladder, a 12-year old leg amputee who has bone cancer and another 10-year girl who is likewise stricken with cancer.  Most probably they didn’t get the cancer for the reasons I’m asking myself?

When Pope Francis visited the Philippines last January, a crying young girl asked him why God allows children to be harmed, and all that he can say was ” I don’t know”.

We do not know all the answers to our questions now, but God surely does.   One day we may look back and realize that we may have been better , caring people now because  we were once battling cancer and understood the pain and sufferings of people who are similarly afflicted.  Then we learn to trust God realizing that the reasons are not always obvious to us at once.

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