Update on My Radiation Therapy

I just finished my 29th radiation today.  The affected area now looks like a bad case of sunburn.  My Radiation Oncologist is preventing me from wearing a bra and prescribed an ointment for burns aside from the aloe vera gel.  On the 26th day, breast cancer patients have to undergo “replanning”, that is, where we have to go back to the Planning room with the CT Simulator or X-ray , lie on our chests, and have our left backsides (if we had left mastectomy) marked or tattooed.  There are areas also which they marked with indelible ink, such as the areas where the drains used to be.  Then, the radiologists prepared new plates a day prior to the actual radiation. And so, from the 29th up to the 33rd day, these will be the new areas they will be subjecting to radiation, and I’m done!

As to the side effects, aside from the “sunburn”, I’m feeling more tired than when I was just starting, I couldn’t bring my weight up to what it used to be – about 130-132 lbs.  No matter how much I eat, it stays at 124-126 lbs. Is that bad, or maybe the daily commute tires me? (I do some chores on my way home, like the I do the groceries, market, etc.) More than two months after my last chemo, there’s still some bitter taste in my mouth that prevents me from having an  enjoyable meal. Could it be from the radiation, or the Tamoxifen I am taking? My WBC and RBC are also in the minimum range.

Nevertheless, compared to chemo, radiation is a lot easier.  Going there everyday, I have made friends with some of the patients and radiation technicians.  I will surely miss them.

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