Needing Somebody You Don’t Want

Imagine two people who are not fond of each other living together.   That’s me and my househelper.  Ever since my nephew got married last May and moved adjacent to my place, she hasn’t much to do around here.  I’m not exactly an invalid as I clean my own room, do the cooking and groceries.  Maybe she’s too shy and quiet and not fun to be with that the more I feel unhappy about staying home.  And she hardly take days off, too.  Maybe she’s unhappy about staying with me, too but she’s too lazy to look for a better job even though I already told her she can work somewhere else and she can still live with me. Maybe she prefers the light job around here even if it’s boring because she’s not the type who would take the initiative to look for things to do after her morning routine of sweeping ang mopping. She has to be told what else she can do.

And so because I cherish the liberating feeling of being on my own – I can cook whatever I want without considering her, I can sing and dance whenever I feel like it, I don’t have to watch those inane TV shows she likes watching, not to mention the money I would save without her.

But then again, I will worry about leaving the house,  for security reasons.  There’d be no one to run errands for me (they are rare, anyway), no one to help me with hard-to-open jars or windows, and other small fix-it jobs, and I must refrain from watching horror movies as I’d be sleeping alone.

Considering everything, I gave her a date when she really has to go.  After all,  I don’t need the stress due to her presence, and I can probably work out  something where somebody can stay the nights with me.

I am so looking forward to that day!

One thought on “Needing Somebody You Don’t Want

  1. I can totally sympathize with every bit of what you wrote. It is hard to live with anyone, let alone someone you aren’t keen on. The day you can sing and dance and eat what you feel like, when you feel like it will be another triumph! Wish I could see it. ( I can’t give up the scary movies…just can’t do it. I freak myself out all the time but it is worth it! LOL. )

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