Taking a Backseat

Prior to my breast cancer diagnosis, I’ve been contemplating on having some body parts issues examined or fixed:  I was trying to build up the courage to finally go for colonoscopy as I often heard the doctors on health shows nudge the listeners to get one when they reach the age of 40. My varicose veins need to be stripped, too as the dermatologist  said they are too prominent and bulging for sclerotherapy.  After postponing my third  check up with the internist for so long, I was also working up the zeal to go back after the kidney ultrasound revealed a 1.8mm stone and she recommended a change of diet and to drink at least 3 liters of water every day and to go back after 2 months.  I was also thinking of having my teeth jacket replaced as the teeth it is covering might already be decaying for need of cleaning and that the dentist recommends that teeth jacket should be replaced every 5 years and mine most likely has exceeded that by so many years. I have  also experienced “dry eyes” syndrome and constantly I would see floating black spots in the left eye.  I have already consulted an ophthalmologist about these before and nothing serious was found except that it is part of ageing.  However, I needed to get check-ups every year and time’s up again.

But with mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, how can I even think about the rest of my body parts?  There’s still almost a year of herceptin infusion every 3 weeks and the regular diagnostic tests. And I’d really want to take a break from the hospital and laboratory visits!

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