Some Answered Prayers.

Two weeks ago I was really feeling down as if I’m beaten in all aspects of my life – my relationships, my small home-based business, my request for medical assistance, the  chest x-ray  with suspicious findings, etc.  I know I can always count on God so I cried out my heart to him “God, you’ve always shown compassion to widows in the Bible, how about for ageing, sick,  single ladies?”

And God quickly answered the next day:  The neighbor who I reminded hasn’t paid for the item which she got a month ago and  thought she has already paid came to settle her account.  I didn’t insist but just prayed that she will remember because the amount wasn’t worth ruining our relationship for, the small business picked up a bit, too. My friend who hasn’t been calling after some chapel issues discussion during the meeting finally called, and we chat like old times.  My nephew and wife and their adorable kids came by and lifted some clouds from my  life.  And although the medical assistance by way of herceptin  was reduced, at least. I got some.

Next week, I will go for a repeat of the chest x-ray, this time with apicolordotic view and some other diagnostic tests.   I pray to God that He will answer my prayer again…in the affirmative!

“Why worry when you can pray?”

4 thoughts on “Some Answered Prayers.

  1. Because I received notice that you are a new follower on my blog, I have stopped by your blog to say thank you! Sadly, it seems we have much in common with our breast cancer fight. So, more importantly, I want to reach out to let you know that you are NOT alone in this battle. If you have a Facebook account, there is a WONDERFUL support group there called: HER 2 positive Breast Cancer Patient/Family Survivors Group.
    It is a private group so ask to join! I have found it to be a wonderful community of thoughtful and caring people. It’s a place to ask questions about anything … your treatments, anxieties, worries, concerns. I have found it to be my lifeline and I hope you will consider joining us (there are over 1,700 members from around the world). Cancer has been around for CENTURIES…long before we messed with our earthly environment, and long before we messed with our food sources. It’s nothing WE did. It boils down to science, which of course is a massive mystery when it comes to cancer, and then understanding what causes genes to mutate (as is the case with HER2+). There is a fabulous documentary by Ken Burns about the history of cancer called Emper0r of All Maladies, based on book of the same name written by Siddhartha Mukherjee. M.D. The film is 6 hours long, available online (on You Tube) in 2 hour segments, and hour 4 is devoted to the mystery of HER2+. It is well worth watching, and might make you feel better overall, knowing that the blame is NOT for you to absorb. Because cancer does NOT discriminate, it can happen to ANYONE at any time, any age. When I had my first battle with cancer back in 2004 (followed by 10 healthy years afterwards) I wrote the following, and continue to read my own words almost every single day. I hope they help you too:
    Sometimes the most unexpected journeys teach you the most profound lessons. For example, if you simply keep your eyes on the horizon you can travel just one day at a time. By doing so, statistics on travel time become irrelevant because the only timeline you’re on is the one you choose to manage. The horizon is always there…just waiting for you to arrive, no matter how long the journey. Don’t look back and most certainly don’t look down.

    I am sending you healing and peaceful well wishes, and hope for a brighter day ahead. xo

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    1. Thank you also for your advice. This is a difficult journey. I was so inspired that you have survived for 10 years. And now that you are battling what all of us cancer patients are afraid of – recurrence or metastasis, I pray that once more you will overcome.


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