Not Quite My Old Self Yet.

On to my 6th Herceptin infusion tomorrow, so just had the results of my diagnostic tests.  The meaning of my whole abdomen and pelvic ultrasound, chest x-ray I will know from my Oncologist tomorrow.   What I’m disappointed about is that 6 months after my last chemo and 3 months after my radiation, I still couldn’t get my RBC and WBC up.  Every 3 weeks, I still get  almost the same results, i. e, barely touches the lower limit, despite Vitamin supplements. Maybe the fact that I do not get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night is a factor. ( I usually fall asleep while watching TV by 8 pm but I usually rise to go to the bathroom by 11 pm or 12 am  and alternately sleep and wake up until 4 am.) That means, I still have to avoid the crowd, and if possible, to wear my nose mask when going out because of still low immune system.  And that means I’m not back to normal and have to exercise caution in resuming my old activities.  I wonder, if my fellow breast cancer patients are getting the same results?

Praying that everything goes well!

One thought on “Not Quite My Old Self Yet.

  1. A small percentage (3-4%) of patients receiving Herceptin experience low red & white blood cell counts, so it is certainly possible that this problem could linger until you are off the Herceptin as well. The good news is you are half-way there.

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