Sister Vee

Sister Vee is a  Catholic Paulinian nun volunteer who frequents the Chemo Room of the hospital I go to.  She’s there to comfort, give advice,  or simply listen to the fears and worries of the cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.   She’s probably in her late 60’s  but still sprightly and of medium built.  Although by human standards her face may not be pretty, her inner glow and seemingly permanent smile makes her look lovely.

Last Monday was my  4th time of close encounter with her. We have corresponded through e-mail when I asked her advice last year about not going through with my 7th and 8th chemo as I could no longer tolerate the side effects, especially losing the use of my taste buds. (But I went on to complete the required 8 cycles as my Oncologist wouldn’t hear of it, my sisters insisted, and with sis Vee’s advice, was able to make the right decision).  I had thought of going into Alternative medicine – eating only organic vegetables and fruits, nuts, mushrooms and avoiding animal meats.  Sis Vee is a believer of Alternative Medicine, too, and she pointed me to a lot of links in the internet. But what I was afraid of is I do not have the discipline to eat only what is prescribed.

Anyway, I am writing about sis Vee, because after a talk with her, I always feel light and better.  Last Monday, she corrected the way I speak  so  would sound more positive and that I would stop worrying.  I told her I’m sick and tired of going to the hospital every 3 weeks for my herceptin infusion.  She said I should look at it as the opportunity to bond with my fellow cancer patients, nurses and doctors and her,  instead.  She reminded me that “laughter is the best medicine” while negative thinking and worrying would stimulate the cancer cells.

She’s a gem! I went home feeling better, with a better understanding of my Faith and the adage that it’s our attitude that determines the outcome of our trials in the end.  And as a bonus, my Oncologist said that the results of my chest x-rays and whole abdomen and pelvic ultrasound are good, and nothing to worry about. Thank God!

One thought on “Sister Vee

  1. I love my chemo visits. I’m almost finished Herceptin and NOT looking forward to the ‘afterlife’ of cancer. The routine, the familiarity, the nurses. My journey has been so blessed with huge humor and wonderful people. I wish everybody had cancer like I did.


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