Giving Up the Pleasures of Eating the Wrong Food.

I was so happy after my last chemo because I thought I’d regain the use of my tastebuds soon.  I did, but maybe just 75%.  Even 6 months after chemo, I still couldn’t get the real taste of food the way it used to be.

But regaining my tastebuds’use is not my only issue.  My surgeon warned me about certain food and drinks. Top of the list is my favorite drink which is coffee and other caffeine-laden drinks such as tea, colas and cocoa. He said caffeine stimulates estrogen production which would in turn manufacture cancer cells. (Did I get that right?)  Today, it is already accepted that animal meats are cancer-causing, so I wasn’t surprised when my surgeon told me to avoid those too.  However, my Oncologist warned me only about Methyl Parabens in lotions and lipsticks , and nothing else.

There are so many TV, radio, and YouTube  shows,  advocating healthy eating, but the one I subscribe to is Dr. JG, who is a real doctor.  He seemed averse to prescribing synthetic medicines because of the side effects, but as a first remedy,  he would recommend to the patients to eat healthy and to change their lifestyle. He promotes the eating of organic fruits and vegetables, if possible, raw, and avoidance of animal meats and sugar. As a  substitute for meats, he recommends mushrooms, nuts and beans.  Refined processed foods such as wheat flour products are also a no no for him. Instead, for carbohydrates, boiled tubers or corn are the better alternative. Seafood such as crabs and squid are deemed toxic, too because they are scavengers of the sea. He has also written books on medicinal plants.

Hearing and reading daily about healthy eating has sort of changed my outlook on food. I  no longer crave those gooey desserts, pastas laden with butter and cream, and processed meats, beef steaks,  barbecued pork,  and seafood, not because I abhor the taste, but because I feel guilty after eating those, afraid what harm they might do to my body.   Now, I think twice about dropping by the popular fast food joints and ordering the usual burgers and fries or pizza and pasta. However, I’m also afraid of eating vegetables, especially salads in restaurants,  because the veggies might not have been washed well.

I missed the days when I can eat anything I want with gusto, and eating in a restaurant is a treat.  One day, I will learn to want the right food only.  And that, I can eat with gusto!


3 thoughts on “Giving Up the Pleasures of Eating the Wrong Food.

  1. I can totally relate. I just went on a ketogenic diet, which is highly restrictive. I am happy to be “starving” the cancer, if, in fact, that’s what I’m doing. But there are days when all I want is a coffee and a scone. I too miss the days of wild ice cream sundae and pasta cravings and being able to find joy in satisfying those. I wonder if there is another way to fulfill the “emotional hunger” center of the brain that junk food tapped into. And I get the trepidation with restaurants. Sigh…

    Thanks for sharing this. Nice to know I’m not the only one.


  2. My oncologist has never spoken to me about my diet. I read about several of these things though. I try each month to do something better. If I keep adding to it each month I should be much better in a year, right?


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