The List Keeps Getting Longer

This morning , I received a text message from a friend asking for prayers for her sister-in-law who was rushed to the hospital for aneurysm, and is in ICU.  Last week, it was from a sister in the community asking for prayers for her brother who had a stroke and a sister-in-law who was having seizures.  Hardly a month passes by without anyone I know undergoing some serious health problem.  I keep a list of people that I have to pray for, and the list is getting longer, despite the fact that some have already recovered and some have died.  Is it just inevitable because of our ages or  is there really something wrong with our diet and lifestyles?

Somebody told me then  that old people always check out  the obituary section first  as soon as they get hold of the newspaper, to see if anybody they know just died.  No wonder, it is depressing to grow old.  But there are a few lucky souls who grow old without any major health issues and are physically active.  And I wonder what they did right.

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