Catching Up With The “Gadgets” Generation

As a recuperating breast cancer patients left with a few more cycles of herceptin infusion to go,  I decided I should get a part-time job preferably “on-line” as a full-time job might be too stressful. ( And I don’t think there would be takers for an applicant who’s too old for the job market, and who has a medical condition.)

But applying for an “on-line”job is not that easy when you’re not technically equipped. I realized I need some OS upgrades which led to losing some installed programs and apps which I need to re-install. Although I know that I qualify for the skill or knowledge needed for the job, I also need to be internet-savvy in order to be able to do the instructions. Actually, I am overwhelmed with the advances in technology which requires much patience to understand.  I am glad that a former co-worker  taught me a lot in this area.  She taught me to download videos and pictures, doing the social media and the like. And thank God,  my younger sister is a techie, but she lives far away from me. There are limits to getting instructions via the phone.   In our chapel  community,  most of my sisters  who are in their senior years don’t  bother about  internet or about apps and the latest gadgets, making me feel ahead.  Some couldn’t care less about not being able to send text messages on their cellphones, how much more about surfing the internet and bothering with the latest apps or gadgets?

Applying for an on-line job, I’d probably be dealing with millenials who are so at ease with the latest technology, they’d look upon me as a Dodo that would become extinct soon if I fumble or ask how to do some things.  But that won’t stop me from trying.  Although I wish the world will slow down a bit and wait for us.  Wishful thinking.

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