My Coffee Fix

I’d like to think that I’ve come a long way in lifestyle modification, especially with regards to  getting exercise and maintaining a healthy diet . Preparing my healthy diet takes so much time, washing and slicing so many vegetables and all,  compared to just pan frying beef steaks or processed meats. One can’t stock up on vegetables for even a week as it tends to wilt, so an additional work in maintaining a healthy diet is a frequent visit to the market or supermarket to ensure that everything is fresh.  This I would gladly do for good health – no or less meats, less frying, and more vegetables.  But there is one thing I am having a hard time  complying with.  And that is, not drinking coffee!  My surgeon but not my oncologist warned me about coffee, and other caffeine-containing food.  He said the caffeine would stimulate the production of estrogen.  Sister Vee warned me about coffee for a different reason: It is acidic, and cancer cells thrive in acidic condition. Another company selling Herbal food supplements prohibits its clients from taking coffee as it renders the food supplements ineffective or the good benefits of the supplements are cancelled out by the bad effects of coffee. At first, I did try to be an obedient patient, although there are times when I would cheat by taking a little sip from my sister’s mug until I got to the point where I now take 1/3 of a mug every breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks which in total makes it one whole mug per day! I really crave coffee, and rationalize about what I’m living for if I can’t have my little mug of happiness every day! I did research on the internet if coffee is really bad for the health and there are conflicting views.  Some say it has antioxidants, while some have inconclusive findings that it has substances mimicking estrogen(did I get that right?).  Although Sis Vee is right that it is acidic and can cause hyperacidity and increased heart palpitations if taken in great amounts,  like more than 3 cups.

If you were me, would you still take coffee  knowing it might cause a recurrence?  Maybe I’ll stop if the findings are conclusive that it is really bad for the health. For the meantime, I’ll go on drinking coffee but I’m not increasing my intake beyond my one mug a day!


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