Something Good Out of Bad

I was so upset when my desktop lost the important programs or apps and some functions  as a result of upgrading to Windows 10.  After the technician fixed the problem,  the internet connection was down for more than two weeks after the  strong typhoon. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me as I the reason why I upgraded my Windows was to apply for an on-line job.  Also,  missing my interaction in Facebook and surfing the internet,   I humbly asked my neighbor to teach me to use my Android phone for those purposes,  which I wouldn’t normally do if circumstances hadn’t force me. Sometimes, in desperation you just do what you have to do.  And God allows us to be desperate to make some good changes in our lives.

As I reflect on my life and my illness (breast cancer),  maybe there are things God wanted me to do or change in my life, and I’m not heeding His call until this happened. I realized I have become a stronger and better person as a result of the trials and situation I have to live with.


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