Planned Obsolescence.

My sister would always tell me that the Economy would hardly grow if everyone is like me – I buy new appliances, gadget or furniture, etc.  if only forced to do so like if they conked out or got damaged.  And even if they conked out, I will still try to have them repaired.  However, I remember reading a book in Business school where  it is said that manufacturers of appliances,  gadgets or cars  have planned obsolescence to make people buy more often.  Otherwise, they would only replace the item if they got damaged beyond repair, and sales will not be as good. This means there will always be new models,  upgrades.  And even if your self esteem is strong enough that you don’t care if you do not own the latest model, there are times when you are forced to upgrade as in the case of  software – they will be no longer be compatible with the apps you are using.

A few weeks ago, I was quite unhappy about the two CD players/radio I was always using as I could no longer regulate the volume of one and the other’s plugging device is also defective.  A few months back, my desktop PC  was also giving me headaches after I upgraded my Windows.  Faucets in the kitchen and bathroom were also dripping even if turned off.  Having lived in this house for almost 20 years, I should be prepared for more repairs.    I can almost hear my sister telling me “Nothing’s going to last forever, so get a new one!”

Now that I go see my Oncologist only after every 3 months wherein I get a list of laboratory/diagnostic tests thereafter.  I would often wonder which organ or part of my body would conk out. Well, my body’s not going to last forever, too  and I can’t get a new one!

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