Much Ado About Cooking


Nowadays, there is so much interest in the preparation of food judging by the  number of cooking shows and food blogs..   Even travelogues or women’s shows with magazine formats  must have cooking portions or restaurant reviews.  There are so many enrolling in Culinary schools despite the stiff tuition fees.

Subscribing to a Naturopathic doctor, who prescribes simple cooking such as steaming or blanching, if not raw,  of diets mostly of wild fish and and organic vegetables, beans and mushrooms,  I find this preoccupation with food  and cooking ironic. Why learn to cook food that will only make people  sick?  Are taste and aesthetics all that matter in food preparation?  How about the health of the eaters?  For example, knowing (or don’t they) that sugar, cream and fats are not good for the health, still we see in the menu,  items such as fried ice cream or dishes lathered with butter and cheese and cream. Or knowing that animal fats will clog the arteries, every party table last Christmas season was laden with rolled baked pork belly with skin on or breaded fried chicken. (To make the fried chicken more deadly, they would pour syrup on it and bake).

But I confess, I am drawn to watching these cooking shows and even get to taste these unhealthy food fare during parties or when we have to eat out, sometimes because I have no choice or am tempted beyond my control as the hosts would always prod us to eat.

But there is hope.  Healthy food sales is on the rise as evidenced by the proliferation of healthy food delivery stores.  And the challenge to our chefs is how to make healthy food  not only palatable but delicious so that the preoccupation with cooking will not be put to waste.

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