Dancing To a Different Tune Everytime

capturezumba One way I follow my Oncologist’s advice to exercise everyday is by dancing.  I usually follow the dance steps of a local Zumba team via the YouTube.  There are some catchy tunes that keep on playing on my mind that makes me want to push the hands of time so that it would be my dance time.  But despite the catchy tunes, there comes a time when I tire of them and would look for newer choices.  I am grateful that the said Zumba team always comes up with new tunes to dance to in keeping with my whim.  Is it whim or were we really made to look for newer offers as we tire of the old ones easily?   In my case, five repetitions at the most and I am searching  for newer tunes even when I am crazy about them the first time I heard them.

Anyway, physical activities such as dancing release the happy hormones to keep us healthy.  And dancing is enjoyable enough that following doctor’s order  becomes easy!

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