While Waiting for the Doctor


Now that I’m required to see my Oncologist every three months, I dread doing so.  She has too many patients, and to make waiting for her worse, she also comes later than her 2 pm schedule, usually at around 3:45 pm.  And then she has to attend to so many things first, like reading results of diagnostic tests of her patients of her clinical study, taking or making phone calls,  attending a hospital meeting, etc. Then she’d start seeing patients by 5 pm.  By then, we, her patients would be hungry and bored or need their urinary bladders emptied.

Having a chat with my fellow patients is one sure-fire way to ward off the boredom.  I just take a chance at starting a conversation.  Most of the time I’m lucky as the person I’ve tried to talk with is just too happy to have someone with a similar illness,  to talk to.  Sometimes, I’m not lucky and I’d be brushed off with a  curt reply. Probably they’re depressed or something, or they find me too nosey.  But I’d take my chance all the same.  On my last visit,  I took the initiative to start a conversation again and it paid off.  I had meaningful exchanges with a 12-year, 7-year, and two 4-year breast cancer survivors.  I’m a 2-year breast cancer survivor myself.  The ladies who looked stern before I started the conversation brightened up into kind smiles as they replied to my queries. Before long time passed almost unnoticed as one by one we were called to the doctor’s clinic.

And the 12-year survivor lady tried to boost our hopes up before she left by saying ” I made it this far, so would you.  Just keep on praying”.

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