The “Earth Hour” and the Concerned Citizen

I looked out through my bedroom window to check if my neighbors were heeding the call of the “Earth Hour” initiative by WWF that by 8:30-9:30 pm on March 25 lights should be put out,  as a symbol of cooperation with earth conservation efforts.  Every year, I see the same scenario, i.e, only a few of the residents turned all their lights off,  which I suspect was not even intentional, but they were just in the habit of sleeping early.  A few days before March 25, I shared some posts about the Earth Hour which didn’t get any “likes” at all. Every year, I do not hear even a whisper from friends reminding us of the “Earth Hour”.  It was always me doing the reminding by posting clippings about the Earth Hour near our chapel walls.

I have always been a concerned citizen, doing my share to make the world a better place to live in.  When our local government unit passed an ordinance that prohibits the use of plastic bags, I always make it a point to bring a reusable eco bag.  When again, we were advised to segregate our garbage into biodegradable and non-biodegradable, I painstakingly followed. even though I find the biodegradables smelly.  I helped the garbage collectors campaign about this in our neighborhood, even posting the flyers they provided on my gate. For a while, some of my neighbors followed,  Eventually, I noticed that it looks like I am the only one segregating my garbage. But still, I keep on.  Even if I am the only one doing the right thing, I will continue.  I will continue to be a vigilant and concerned citizen.  I write my letters to the editor with regard to national interest, as I occasionally write to our senators, or join rallies to show my support about some issues.  I put in my two cents worth by sharing some posts and adding my comments about the latest issues on governance.  Even though I have FB friends who are almost always on the same side of the issue, I hardly get any support from them as if I was just talking to the wind. Sometimes, I wonder if my friends even read or watch the news. or they just don’t care.

I wonder why I even take the trouble, or if I can make any difference at all? On the extreme side, there are courageous people willing to risk their lives for what they believe in.  This is the least I can do to make the world a better place to live in.


2 thoughts on “The “Earth Hour” and the Concerned Citizen

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