Sick and Not Quite Alone

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A few weeks back I thought I was already on the road to recovery from a bad cough I probably got from my sister. so I resumed my usual housework routine.  After attending the Holy Mass last Sunday, I developed a fever of 39C and chills.  I thought that a good nap would bring my health to normal, but was I wrong! Instead, I can hardly stand up, my head and some joints were aching.  I know paracetamol would bring relief, but I no longer stock up on over the counter drugs, as I now subscribe to Naturopathic health principles.  But synthetic medicine, I must admit are faster-acting.  And then I realized how much life would be easier if I didn’t let go of our housekeeper when my nephew moved out. (But I have to economize: With just me in the house, there’s not much for her to do.)  I could just send her to the drugstore to get paracetamol, or make me hot soup or massage my aching head.  While I was contemplating my miserable condition, I heard my nephew’s mother in law, who lives nearby,  knocking at my gate.  I tried to get up,  grateful for the opportunity to send somebody SOS signals as I don’t know what’s come upon me as I felt so weak, like a melting candle, and probably borrow paracetamol.  Bringing with her a plate of noodles, which she gave me,  I informed her of my need and she readily handed me a pack of 8’s of paracetamol. I swallowed one tablet at once and slept soundly and woke up without a headache, although still nursing a fever. I was able to eat afterward, and see a doctor the next day who prescribed antibiotics. I was able to recover a few days after.

Thank you, Lord, for sending an angel!  I do not feel so alone anymore.


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