Isn’t It a Miracle?

I have just recovered from fever with a cough a few weeks ago, that I was worried about having a slight fever (37.7 C) and sore throat again last Monday.  Well, most likely the sore throat was due to GERD which the ENT doctor diagnosed and advised me to stop drinking coffee, colas, and other acidic drinks and stop eating fruits save for bananas for at least 3 days. He also prescribed Omeprazole.  I wonder why I was sick again and I being a breast cancer survivor of more than two years, I started to worry. But then again, I also passed through an uncovered part of the garden when there was a rain shower the previous day. But that’s just a few seconds!

I was planning to go out to do our assigned apostolic work from Legion of Mary and to look for a family where we can transfer the image of the Blessed Mother as part of the Block Rosary practice. But I was feeling sluggish and sore again that Monday.  Then I remembered the handkerchief a friend gave me which she said touched the image of the Blessed Virgen Mary in the miraculous grotto in Lourdes, France.  Another friend gave me a handkerchief printed with the image of Jesus Nazareno and prayers which she bought from Quiapo after hearing Mass at the Quiapo church.  I keep both under my pillow.  I took them out and prayed real hard while I cover my neck and head with the handkerchiefs.  Afterward, I ate my dinner and was pleasantly surprised that my throat was no longer painful as I swallowed my food!  And before my bedtime, I took my body temperature and the thermometer read 37.0!

To what shall I attribute that?  Thank you, Lord!DeathtoStock_Creative Community6.jpg

6 thoughts on “Isn’t It a Miracle?

  1. Amen! Our Blessed Mother is looking out for you, my friend! My grandmother gave me a relic from Blessed Father Francis Seelos before my surgery and I’ve held onto it. During my last scan, I had the relic on me. There is power in prayer and intercession!!

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  2. My gosh!! I was sick also last week. Caught a cold back to back AND was in the rain for a little bit while ou Kiki got up my son from school. I’m still not 100% and is worried about things. I’m glad you’re doing well and recovered. Miracles indeed.


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