A Lesson in Patience

DeathtoStock_Creative Community8For the first time, it was almost standing room only at the 2 Diagnostic Laboratories I  patronize.  And I thought I came early!  It was surprising that the situation for both Laboratories was the same.  I go to the more popular and bigger laboratory for the Digital mammography.  The smaller laboratory doesn’t have one.  I prefer going to the smaller laboratory because of its proximity to where I live.  Maybe there are more and more people getting ill.  Actually, there are many new diagnostic laboratories sprouting all over the place, but they have to earn the trust of the customers and doctors first to be considered reliable.

I used to wait for 20-30 minutes only before I get to pay the cashier and a few more minutes before I get attended to by the Laboratory personnel.  But that day, it took more than an hour before I got to pay,  and an hour more in the big laboratory before I had my mammogram done. It was faster at the smaller laboratory after the payment.  I went back this morning to get my results and found out there were fewer people on Monday.

It’s no joke getting sick.  It’s really a lesson in patience. Now, it is part of my life to wait, sometimes, when you’re not lucky, for hours,  to be attended to at the laboratories and wait for hours more at the doctor’s clinic after getting my results. Yesterday, my doctor arrived at 5 pm when her clinic hours say 2-5 pm. I arrived at 2:30 pm and was checked up by 7 pm. as there were too many patients.  Scott Peck said that life is difficult and the more one accepts that, the easier it is.  I embrace his wisdom so that I don’t get too stressed. I just look for ways to entertain myself or use my time.  I got to pray the rosary and offer it for world peace.

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