Doctors Get It Too!

Last Tuesday, I decided to see my ophthalmologist for a routine check-up, although I had to break the routine until after I am finished with my treatments. My father had glaucoma, and this is the age when I should watch out about getting it.  I last saw her in 2013, so she asked me how I am and why it took me so long to go back to the clinic.  I told her about my breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy in December 2014, and treatments.  I thought she had to know as the treatments and maintenance meds may affect the condition of my eyes.  I was taken aback by her reply: she also had left breast mastectomy in 2015 and all the works except for the Herceptin infusion as she was HER2 negative!  But she was on stage 3B to my stage 2B, and she was 10 years younger than me. She strikes me as a very soft-spoken person, and yes, I was right, she’s single, too! Those who have never had children are said to be at high-risk for breast cancer.

When I was undergoing chemotherapy,  there were 4 lady doctors undergoing the same with me and at various stages of breast cancer.  They were all younger than me.  My neighbor’s Oncologist also had breast cancer.  This made me wonder if the doctors knew what to do in order to prevent them from getting breast cancer.  My Oncologist said that if you are destined to get it, you will get it.

In social media, you get a lot of posts about carcinogenic food, pans,  food packaging materials so one can avoid them. There are also many posts about cancer-fighting fruits and vegetables and the proper life attitude and activities to prevent cancer. But I admit, there are times when I do not know that I have been exposed or have ingested carcinogens.  And as my nephew said in jest when I warned him about some carcinogenic foods, “Oh but everything is a carcinogen!”

But there are some things that have been proven to be carcinogenic or bad for the health and yet people, in fact, even doctors won’t stop eating or using them. Some people know what to do to be healthy in theory but do not have the willpower to do it.

As for me, I think I’ve come a long way towards a better lifestyle since my mastectomy, like eating the right food and exercising almost every day.  What I’m finding hard to control are stressors that could do much worse to my body than bad food.

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