Oh Chopsticks !

“And I know that I and anyone else who is not mentally defective can solve any problem if we are willing to take the time” -M. Scott Peck


It used to be that I would just ask my home companion to help me with fixing my cell phone because I fear to wreck it if I do it myself.  She belongs to the younger generation who are so adept at the software and hardware of gadgets even without formal training.  Having read that chapter on “Problem Solving and Time” by Scott Peck and without my home companion who  I could depend on to fix some things on my gadgets, I have successfully fixed some issues. I was also able to make some small home and appliance repairs and figured out a way to make some heavy manual work lighter.

However, there’s one thing I still could not solve, despite repeating the mantra ” that I can do it if I just take the time”, that is, how to use the chopstick!  It used to be that every time we would eat in a Chinese or Japanese restaurant, I would start out with using chopsticks while my friends or relatives who are experts at chopsticks would demonstrate how to use them, only for me to end up asking for spoon and fork if I do not want to go hungry.  I was so frustrated,  I stopped trying for a number of years until I saw on You.tube the Chopsticks tutorials. I thought I’d finally learn, but despite repeated viewing of the videos while I practice with real food and chopsticks, I still couldn’t do it as the chopsticks would slide off to the wrong finger as I try to pick up food.

Why can’t I figure it out? Am I mentally defective as hypothesized by Scott Peck? Or does someone have to be born with the right genes that give them the hand dexterity to maneuver chopsticks? (I have some friends who couldn’t handle chopsticks, too).  Or is it because my finger joints have shown the beginnings of arthritis?

So for now, I’m giving it a rest until my nephew visits and personally guide me while I study from a chopstick tutorial video. I’d finally give up if it still doesn’t work. I know when it’s time to surrender and challenge Scott Peck.

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