Ready for the Rainy Season


It’s been raining hard all day long and night intermittently since yesterday and probably through the weekend according to the weather forecast. So, I feel like I’m stranded at home, and had to postpone some things I have to take care of including my religious organization assignments for the week such as doing home visitations in the community.  We always have our excuses not to accomplish our assignments.  During summer, we say it’s too hot, and on rainy days, we say we might get sick walking in the rain. Most of the time I’m glad that the good angels win and we go do our work in spite of the bad weather. But today the weather is worst, so we are excused.

I was relieved that I had my roof repaired and repainted a few weeks ago.   Now, with the strong rains, I observed that the carpenters did a good job and they fixed the leaks and I am ready for the rainy season. I have read about people who died while fixing their roof during the storm.  Sometimes we’d rather ignore problems than fixing them until they become overwhelming.  Now if only I can fix some things in my life so easily!

When I am overwhelmed by my cleaning chores, I put some things aside to be done for when I have more time like right now that I’m stranded at home by the tropical depression.  I was able to clean my cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen during the first half of the morning.

And still, with more time in my hands, I was able to compose and publish this to my blog!


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