The Fragile Elderly

Mrs. R was a sprightly old lady in her 80’s.  She was a retired Music teacher who used to volunteer to teach kids prayers during summer every afternoon at the chapel as part of the “Flores de Mayo” activities honoring Mama Mary every May.  She used to hear Mass every day by herself and also helps propagate the Block rosary in her area. Old age didn’t stop her from doing her usual activities that she even helps in her son’s water refilling and sari-sari store business until she had a bad fall as she retreated and tripped on a stubble when the dog barked at her on her way to the food store that necessitated putting metal implants on her hips. One day she sent us a text message asking for prayers to ask the Lord to take her as she could no longer take the pain and other accompanying discomforts as she was brought back to the hospital for pneumonia after her hip operation. Imagine how a very active lady would feel when she has to hold on to someone to get from point to point and most of the time is house bound!

I know of at least 3 other ladies who are as active as she was and in their 80’s as well.  I pray that they will slow down a bit and be careful when walking,  in order not to experience what Mrs. R experienced. Although not yet in my senior years, I have started to be careful in walking as I’ve slipped a few months ago.  When it keeps on raining, the concrete grounds near the chapel supports the growth of mosses and algae. That was the second time I slipped because I walked on moss-covered pavements.  Thank God I didn’t break a bone. I am also now selective of the footwear I use as some get slippery on wet roads. I think twice about climbing ladders or jumping down, as I believe my bones may be brittle now to take the impact of a fall.

Let us be careful so that we fade into the sunset without any broken bones.

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