I Can Feel It!


It is August now and yet it is relatively hot compared to the past Augusts.  I had always presumed it is called a ghost month because of the constant rains that make people lazy to go out or travel, hence it is not good for business.  Although it did rain the other night for quite a number of hours, it was hot again come morning time as if it is summer again.  A few weeks ago, in the last week of July and the first week of August, we hardly had rains and it was quite hot. I’ve been waiting for the day I can wear my thicker clothes, but the cooler weather seems not to be coming soon.  I just watched a CNN feature film on Climate change which showed how the temperature has been steadily climbing up in some countries, esp. Bangla Desh, if I remember that right.  And when it rains, it pours which causes flooding.

Some people say that some environmentalists are just alarmists.  But I can feel it, the global warming, that is! There are some practices and agreements about carbon gas emission limits among nations that are supposed to curb pollution but I wonder how they are monitored.  And with all those wars and bombings and fires, how can we reverse global warming?


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