It was a stressful, disappointing Saturday for me:  I was all shook up when a church friend who is usually nice and gentle let loose some hurting, insulting words I feel was aimed towards me during our meeting.  She is the chapel treasurer and I am the auditor.  We didn’t agree on how to deal with the caretaker who is the husband of our chapel member.  I insisted on putting down in writing his duties and responsibilities after so many incidences of causing delays in our prayer meetings because he didn’t open the chapel on time since he lives elsewhere and not in the chapel. My friend thinks I’m too harsh and inconsiderate. Actually, we shouldn’t be quarreling, as my suggestion is for our Coordinator.  But since she is sickly and is too busy, we take it upon ourselves to resolve the mismanagement.

As it was my resolve since recovering from breast cancer to work harder towards promoting prayers and spreading Christ’s teachings. I get so disappointed when some ladies who wanted to join our prayer meetings just leave when they see the chapel still closed sometimes.  I can’t believe it that I get bashed for wanting to put things in order and by my close friend at that!  I am always the straightforward one.  The other chapel officers, hardly say anything during our meetings, and I don’t think that is the right thing to do.  But at least, they don’t get into trouble like I always do.

I was also disappointed with my nephew and wife who are too busy now with their networking activities that it is hard to invite them over to go places with their loveable kids. And so I went to the chapel that afternoon with a heavy heart and went home with a heavier one! I was all shaken up I was thinking of giving up on all my chapel activities as the stress might have a negative effect on my health, I’m not over the woods yet. But I also ask myself if this is just the work of the evil one to stop us?

The day after,  which is Sunday, my friend hugged me when we met each other at the chapel before the Mass and told me to forget the hurting words said.  And last Monday she called me up again to explain and I was also able to explain my side.  We both agree that it is the Coordinator we should be dealing with instead of the two of us quarreling.

scan0026All’s well that ends well!


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