On Ageing Gracefully

IMG20161013062627Most of the members of our community are over 60 years old, a few have reached even over age 80.  With that, I am looked upon as young, being in my 50’s.  There are a few who are in their 40’s, though.  I am flattered when they say I must only be in my late 30’s or early 40’s because I’m still sprightly despite having subjected my body to chemotherapy and radiation. It is probably in my genes as the same is being said about my sisters. I would like to think that it helps that I lead an active life as a church worker, that I do my exercise almost every day, I avoid the sun after 9 am,  and I am eating healthier after my bout with cancer. But I probably won’t get away with that if I do not dye my hair to cover the white ones.   I am happy with the result of my latest blood chemistry – lower blood sugar (at least I’m not diabetic), lower bad cholesterol, and lower other indicators of poor health.

But still, I am anxious about getting in my 70’s or 80’s and like my sisters in the community who have difficulty in walking due to arthritic joints, have trouble eating because of problematic dentures, diabetes, hypertension, low immune system and poor memory.  And most of all, that they have to check in to hospitals for various illnesses from time to time.

But some old folks are doing better than others. It must be their lifestyle and diet when they were younger, and they are reaping the benefits in their old age. I hope to do the same.

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