Taking Care of My Fears and Irritants

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“I am so happy, I can do the dance of joy”  This line from a character of an old US sitcom came to my mind the following day after my wisdom tooth was finally extracted.  I should have dealt with it two years ago, but my treatment for my breast cancer was my priority.  After my herceptin treatment, I wanted to have it pulled but every time I would go to the dentist, my blood pressure would shoot up until he recommended I have it done by a hospital-based dentist so that if anything happens, the hospital would be nearby.

I thought I would really end up in ER as the dentist was taking too long and having a hard time cutting the tooth up, so she could pry it loose from its base.  She said my tooth was too hard because of my age.  It takes her only about 30 minutes to do the procedure on younger patients, but I took about two hours.  Whenever I feel some pain, she would inject local anesthesia. And yet, I could feel the pressure as she tried very hard to pry it loose.

I did pray to the Lord to lead me to a good dentist and I felt he did lead me to the mother and daughter team who have figurines of Our Lady and Jesus in the reception room and the clinic itself.  As her daughter was having a hard time with my tooth, the mother lit the candle and prayed. Never experienced any other doctor doing that in front of the patient!  I was praying very hard, too until my tooth began to loosen.  I breathe a sigh of relief even though I felt great pain after. I was so happy I could now get on with other things now that I’ve taken care of this thing that’s been bothering me.

I am so happy also that after two tries, the plumber was able to find the leak that caused my water bill to double. And finally, the last plumber was also able to fix the leaking sink which necessitates the basin to be put under the sink to catch the water.  I had it fixed by so many pseudo plumbers but the problem remained for years, I was resigned to the fact that maybe I have to demolish the sink counter and have a new one built.

And so, I am a happy lady for now,  having faced my fears and irritants and won!

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