Not So Fast

In my previous post, I said that I was a happy lady for finally having my wisdom/impacted molar tooth extracted. I think I was too fast in my conclusion for as of now, ten days after the extraction, my gums are as painful as the day after. In fact, the pain is even radiating into the upper and adjacent gums. The dentist said I would recover in three days, but when I called her up after one week, she prescribed antibiotics for another 7 days and told me that it is expected that the pain would linger as the wound is deep. Another dentist said the nerves must have been damaged because of the many injections the area received and that the extraction took almost two hours. If the dentists told me that I would endure this type of pain for a relatively long period,  I would have insisted on just having the tooth next to it extracted to give the emerging wisdom tooth space. But the dentist said, if they would pull the adjacent tooth, I would spend more as the fixed bridge of two teeth will have to be replaced by a three-teeth fixed bridge. But who cares about the additional expense if I can avoid this excruciating pain?

I can only get by taking mefenamic acid or paracetamol before I take my meals.  At night,  the pain wakes me up again so I get up to take my pain relievers.  I’m quite worried about taking too many medications aside from my breast cancer and hypertension meds. I wonder when this will end.

But this, too, shall pass. The pain remains even as I pray so hard.  There are times when He allows us to suffer for reasons only God knows. For the meantime, I offer my sufferings to Jesus for the intentions of His Sacred Heart.

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