God Heals All Wounds in Time


I was amused at the amazement in my older sister’s voice as I related to her that my younger brother accompanied me to the dentist about three weeks ago.  Actually, it was usually his only teenage son who I call on to accompany me if I needed a companion, as I was single and I live by myself. My brothers’ house, actually our old house,  is the nearest to mine among my siblings, about 5-10 minutes ride from mine. But that time, my nephew was with his mother and won’t be going home to his father in a few more days (his parents are separated), and I don’t want to cancel my appointment with the dentist as I was raring to have my impacted tooth extracted.

Many years ago, it was unthinkable for me and my brother to help or accompany each other.  We used to be the worst of enemies. When we were younger, we were always quarreling about every little thing. I looked at my two brothers as spoiled brats as they were dependent on my parents in many ways.  I had good intentions for them which is the reason I was reprimanding them when my parents fail to do so. Maybe I was too harsh with my words which is the reason why we always end up quarreling, to the disappointment of my parents. There were almost violent episodes which I avoided by running and locking myself up in my room.

When I left my brothers in our old house, I became active in church and with a heavy heart, I obeyed God to forgive and little by little I tried to reach out to them and their kids by inviting them over for meals during important occasions. I would often pass by their house to bring my excess food or gifts for the kids.  In time, they started to reciprocate little by little, although generosity is not their virtue. I did not bring up any old issues that may ruin our restored relationship like unpaid loans or the like as they were sort of hard up anyway. Despite seeming to be on the losing end, I could no longer feel the anger or hatred I used to feel for them anymore.

The age-old saying used to be “Time heals all wounds”, but I believe that it is God who heals all wounds in time if we just obey His advice that we should forgive everyone who has wronged us 70 times seven is for our own good.  My heart is now free and light.

One thought on “God Heals All Wounds in Time

  1. I agree with you, it is God who heals more than time. Time may not even heal some wounds as I know my father still has not forgiven his own mother for the abuses he got as a child. I should still pray for him though, come to think of it.

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