With a Friend Like Her…


Regrets, I have many. But on top of my list was letting my so-called “friend”  buy a part of the lot where I built my house, and where she built hers too. There’s only a small house in between us where my nephew and wife live. She lives with her younger sister who is like her in so many ways.

She was a classmate in College, and I knew she is what we describe as “difficult”, getting into arguments or quarrels a lot.  She took a fancy to befriending me and was a bit nicer to me than to my other classmates. For a while, we hit it off as we need each other to confide in about our love interests and family problems. But at the back of my mind, I could sense something was wrong.  We didn’t laugh together like I did with other friends, and she always has the last say. It came to a point where I dreaded the phone ringing as I was afraid she would ask me to watch a movie with her or something.

Now, living near her, I realized why she was “nice” to me than she was to the rest of my classmates –  I usually give in to her demands even against my wishes. She has milked the friendship for what she can get out of it. Instead of thanking me for selling to her the lot at cost, she was always complaining.

Why am I bringing this up?  For a while there was an uncomfortable peace, I let the hurtful past go. And when I had the mastectomy, she regularly brought fruits. But an incident which  I believe her sister was the culprit (who is much more “difficult” than she is) happened again.  This is the second time in years that I believed her sister did it.  And when confronted, instead of asking for an apology, she got mad at me. My point is, she was always asking favors from my nephew’s mother-in-law,  like receiving their packages as they are always out of the house during daytime, can’t they ask us nicely to fix the problem that has put them at a disadvantage?  With a friend like her, who needs an enemy?

Now, we’re not on speaking terms, but I’m not picking up a fight if I run into her.  I wish she would call me up so I can tell her why I’ve been withdrawing from her.  There is so much I wanted to tell her about life and relationships. But I can’t do that in her present mood.



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