Confusing Weather

atmosphere-cloudiness-clouds-844297Funny, but it started to rain hard just as the weather forecasting bureau announced that yesterday, was the start of the summer season!  It is still raining this afternoon, but not as hard as yesterday which is a sort of thunderstorm.

Well, the weather matches my gloomy mood as my nephew’s mother-in-law will be away for one week to take care of her other son-in-law who had an accident and was operated on for leg injury.  I don’t mind being alone just as long as there’s someone else I can call on in the house nearby.  But for one week, I have to rely on my other neighbors:  My niece-in-law has been assigned to the Middle East for about one year, and my nephew goes to work during the day.  I feel bad that he opted to sleep overnight in his townhouse down south knowing I would be alone all night last Sunday. Good that my other nephew was willing and available to stay the night with me.  It was easy to entice him to come over as he was looking forward to a good home-cooked meal, some goodies to bring home to Dad and a little cash. His parents are separated and he lives with his dad who is not well-off. He just graduated from College and has started working, and will soon be receiving a salary.  Probably,  he will no longer be enticed by good food and cash.  I don’t think he enjoys staying with me, as all he does when he is here is fiddle with his laptop. I’m just glad that I can chat with him as we have our meals together and be able to give him a bit of advice.

Bracing myself up for the lonely week ahead, my immune system weakened so I caught a bad cough and cold. I also had a mild argument with my chapel co-worker who wanted to turn over her duty as chapel treasurer and the cash to me as she wanted to stay with her pregnant daughter for a few months who is also abroad. I’m flattered that she trusts me, but it is a stressful job and I already have chapel duties as I am already the auditor and am always assisting the Chapel Coordinator who is always sick. I don’t know why she keeps on insisting,  knowing that it is not good for me to be stressed out.  Sometimes people forget that my battle with the big C may not be over yet and I need some TLC to win!

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