Completing the treatment

airport-asphalt-blonde-hair-953758.jpgI have a few friends on Facebook compared to the others.  I just have a 100+ when others run into thousands.  And to rub it in, my FB friends, because of old age and illnesses have been bidding FB  and the world farewell!  Just recently, someone I made friends with during our radiation days is one of the casualties of breast cancer again.  Two weeks ago, it was the wife of my cousin. Unnerving when you have the same case as they have had.

But then again, I’ve met and known some breast cancer survivors who are still alive and doing well for more than 10 years.  And as I tried to find a reason for the difference in the recovery, I realized that maybe those who died did not complete their treatment: One opted not to undergo radiation even as her Onco said she should. Another did not undergo Herceptin infusion as she deemed it too expensive.  I remember being surprised at my radiation friend that she had fewer chemotherapy cycles than I had when she had more malignant lymph nodes.

I remember pleading with my Oncologist that I wouldn’t take the full 8 cycles of chemotherapy as I can no longer take feeling weak and nauseous all the time but was prevailed upon. It was after the 5th cycle and the first of Docetaxel.  I also took a second opinion as the first radiation Oncologist said I may or may not undergo radiation.  And I almost didn’t undergo Herceptin infusion as it was too expensive, but somehow, God provided.

Praying for miracles daily, eating healthy and exercising every day, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But I have to work more on avoiding stress and letting go of my anxieties!


2 thoughts on “Completing the treatment

  1. My maternal uncle’s wife had treatment for breast cancer more than twenty years ago. She is fine. My mother was diagnosed lymphoma in December. She has just completed her treatment. She has responded well. Our best wishes are always with you.


  2. I underwent six cycles of chemo and took oral chemo tablets too. Treatment of breast cancer and colon cancer are slightly different from each other. I didn’t undergo radiation. Be well.


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