My “Home Companions”


Come to think of it, my life would have been miserable without my reliable “home companions” – radio, TV,  and computer with internet and phones.   Usually, I start the day listening to a daily commentary on a Bible passage for about 30 minutes.  For most of the day, I am updated with news and listen to the radio commentators as I go about my household chores.  Our political scene right now is disturbing and I think I have to be updated always.  “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” acc. to Thomas Jefferson. Aside from the news, I also listen to a medical program with a doctor who gives sound advice on health and diet and talk shows on family matters. I learn so much listening to the radio.  Not content with listening to the news,  I also read the newspaper, and when I read something important that I feel I need to sound off the alarm, I go to the e-news and share them on my FB.  I am glad, that I’m a little bit techie, although I wish I could be more. TV is usually for entertainment and a little news.  I prefer watching variety shows or sitcoms,  travelogues, and food reviews which are usually in the evening as I prepare myself to go to bed.  I usually fall asleep while watching TV. The computer,  of course, is for social media, a little blogging and watching shows I missed on TV.  And most important of all, I do my daily exercises in the afternoon by following the steps from Youtube dance videos. My blood sister and my sisters in the community keep in touch via cellphone or landline.  Before I know it, the day is done, and I do not have much time to ponder my lonely situation. I usually end the day listening to or following the rosary prayer or entertainment trivia on radio until I fall asleep in bed.

Of course, I could use an extra pair of hands or warm soul to talk with, but I make the most of my circumstance. Thanks to technology, it is a boon if one knows how to use it well.



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