A Study in Contrasts


I went to the chapel yesterday afternoon where the “Flores de Mayo”/Children’s Catechism was being conducted.  For the whole month of May, this is being conducted in parishes nationwide where children are being taught Catholic doctrines and values.  Afterward, they sing and offer flowers to Mary.  Church volunteers and officers like us see to it that the children are given some snacks.

I do not come to the chapel every day, but I did yesterday upon the prodding of a sister in the community.  She said she would be bringing a little food as it is the birthday of her son. I did not expect we would end up in the nearest fast food, one tricycle ride away as she thinks the noodles she brought was not enough for us. There were seven of us. We are used to her treating us out.  She is really a generous soul and Providence sees to it that she would always have more to bless others with. She’s getting more than enough from her pension, and her high-earning son who is single lives with her and provides for her. She’s not only generous with material things, but also with her compliments. She can be generous to a fault and sometimes people seem to abuse her generosity.   Well, it is not always the case with people who have more.  Some are not as generous:

I couldn’t help but compare my former schoolmate who lives in the compound where I also live. She would only be nice and generous to you if she wants something from you in return, which is how I allowed her to live in the compound. I didn’t realize that she and her younger sister have those character flaws they are demonstrating now. For instance, they would ask a lot of favors from you. Despite that, they won’t overlook some petty things that they think have put them at a disadvantage,  nor can you sell to them even charity items like calendars from the Missionaries. They complain a lot, they do not care about not following city ordinances about garbage segregation, nor do they pay the Village association dues. Some people I asked advice from are asking why I allowed them to live there knowing they are “difficult” people.  Sometimes, one gets to know a person well only after you have lived with them, although I was aware of the signs. So, this is one of the wrong decisions I would regret during my lifetime.  Probably, they will mellow in time, although they are past 50 and 40 already respectively, and there are no signs of that happening.

Was it Mother Teresa who said that some people come into your life as blessings; some people come as lessons”?  I hope I am a blessing to others!

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