Hard To Be a Saint

backlit-kid-looking-1212826.jpgAs I’ve related in my previous blog, my patience was tested when my niece’s family came to live with me for 3 weeks. For a week, I can hold it, but by the second week, I was losing my temper and even my immune system was affected I contracted fever and cough.

Looking back, I regret not being amiable enough like my sister who may be able to hold her temper or has no temper at all. Actually,  I believe I was able to control my flare ups by staying in my room but there are times when my irritation became obvious.

Maybe it is not entirely my fault.  My niece probably thought she was doing me a favor by moving in as my nephew was about to move out from the apartment so she thought she can do anything she wanted to do with my house like change the positions of the furniture or dispose of my old stuff to give way to her stuff in the vacant rooms. They also prefer to sleep together in the living room instead of in the bedrooms that it was hard for me to do my early morning routine of cooking my breakfast while listening to my favorite religious program. And while we were trying to organize the house, her husband bought a puppy who loves to poop near the gate and ruin my plants. There were a lot of small irritants I tried to overlook to keep the peace, but sometimes, it couldn’t be done.

I thought I have changed a lot for the better, being an active Religious community leader for quite a while.  There’s a world of difference being a Christian when there’s no one to test your patience at home and being a Christian under stressful living conditions. Like soldiers, we are tested in the battlefield.


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