That Stupid Thermometer


For three weeks I thought I was nursing a fever that won’t go away.  The first week I had a slight cough and a fever.  I tried drinking herbal teas consisting of Oregano leaves and ginger.  I thought I was beating the infection.  When I got a fever reading that says 37.1 , then 37.3 after the first week, I thought I was on my way to recovery.  At the same time that I had the fever and cough was also the start of the 3-week monsoon rains. Since I need to go out and do some of my activities I got a little wet from the rains. And checking with my digital thermometer afterward I found out my fever went up again to 38+, then 39+.  I avoided going out unless it was really necessary.  During the 3-week period,  I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t recover from the fever no matter what I did.  I went for a complete bed rest and no bathing for two days, and still, I find myself nursing 39+ fever.  I was getting really worried that it could be something serious.  I thought something was wrong with my lungs, etc.

Today, my sister came over to babysit my grandnephew as my niece-in-law had to travel abroad. I asked her to feel me if she thinks I have a fever.  She said my temp is normal. I was about to see a doctor this morning.  I was having doubts about my thermometer the past few days and now I was able to confirm it by borrowing my niece’s thermometer.  I had the normal 37C temp in her thermometer but 39+ in mine!

I wasted so many days trying to get well when I am not even sick.  But come to think of it.  The power of suggestion is real:  Last Sunday, I kept on taking naps as I was feeling weak. I regret disappointing my sisters in the community for being absent from our meetings and activities as I was afraid of getting wet.  Maybe my depression and anxiety about being seriously sick aggravated my condition. I really felt like I was a melting candle about to expire soon.

And my commentary on that thermometer:  It is sad that thermometers and manual blood pressure manometers with mercury have been banned because they pose a danger to the person and environment when they accidentally break. But they are the more reliable ones. Look what that thermometer did to me!

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