Who Eats Healthy?


With all the media hype about healthy diets and poor diets that can cause one to be seriously ill, you’d think people would be careful about their diets.  But no! My niece who used to say that her family now hardly eat animal meat since her husband has kidney stones and cyst, high fasting blood sugar and cholesterol I found out, stocks up on processed animal meats such as hot dogs, ham and sausage and would serve these when she ran out of inspiration on what to cook. I squirm a bit when I see her feeding her 3-year old kid these. And so do my other nephews and nieces. Their excuse is that their kids won’t eat anything else. Maybe if they’re very hungry they’d eat whatever is served them like those kids in the depressed areas – they’d take in anything that would fill their hunger! This,  despite the fact that the World Health Organization already admitted publicly that processed meats are carcinogenic and has recommended balanced meals abundant with vegetables and fruits.

Having suffered the pains of breast cancer treatment has given me the determination to eat right:  I could say that I hardly eat processed meats, usually only as part of pasta dishes.  I go to a fast food chain famous for its fried chicken and burgers, and what do I order but stir-fried veggies or salads and fish meals!  Although I must admit that my determination sometimes breaks down when the overpowering aroma of fried chicken or other animal meat dishes overwhelms me. There are times, I just walk away and hurry home to eat my home cooked veggies and fish, despite the cravings.  I just tell myself, I’d be eating poison and carcinogens in that fast food joint and that does the trick. I have also reduced my intake of desserts probably by 80%.  I usually end my meals with fresh fruits. But it is easier to have the self-discipline to eat right when I am alone.  With my sister and her kids around, there’d probably be ice cream, cakes, and take-out food during our get together.

My sister always tells me that I am a killjoy whenever we lunch out as I would rather we go to a restaurant that serves healthy food. Maybe one has to get seriously sick first before one heeds the warning about unhealthy food.

2 thoughts on “Who Eats Healthy?

  1. I work at trying to eat healthy but some days I don’t. It is both easier and harder when I am traveling for work. Easier as I am not swayed by my husband’s cravings and harder because I eat out 3 meals a day. It is certainly possible to eat out and eat healthy, but it does require one to constantly make good choices and to resist temptation. I just keep reminding myself that I am a work in progress and pray for the wisdom and strength to make wise choices.


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