Home Repairs


When you’ve lived in a house for a number of years, major repairs are inevitable.  And how I hate staying put in the house to oversee repairs!  Of course, I can’t leave the carpenters by themselves, and there’s no one else to take my place. It is harder when the repairs are inside the house, much more if it is the kitchen!

Recently I had some kitchen woodwork done – some cabinet parts and ceiling damaged by the leaking roof replaced.  That is after I had the leaking roof fixed. There were also some damaged countertop tiles that needed to be replaced. I hate the mess – putting the contents of the cabinets on the floor, the dust and sand dropping from the roof as the carpenter removed the damaged ceiling, and the dust, from the sawing and the sanding of the wood. And then, of course, the noise as he hammered the nails on the wood and the strong toxic smell of paint!

It was also such a strain to prepare food when your kitchen is being repaired.  I try to prepare my lunch in the evening or early morning before the carpenters arrive so I can just reheat my food.

I put up with these for four long days!  It was such a relief to finally see that it’s done. It’s no different from what I felt when my impacted tooth was finally extracted!

4 thoughts on “Home Repairs

  1. It’s beautiful! We are also getting ready for some major repairs – new roof, ceiling, etc. The kitchen and bathroom both need repairs, too. I’m definitely not looking forward to the process but I am looking forward to a new kitchen! 🙂 Good luck with your home!


  2. We live in a house that was built 133 years ago. We were naive enough to think we would quickly renovate and live happily ever after. Fast forward the twenty some years we have lived here and there is always a project in the works or needing to be done. We took down part of the kitchen ceiling several years ago to fix a plumbing leak. The ceiling is still out. Rather than do it twice we want to completely remodel the kitchen. But first we need to redo an upstairs bathroom. But wait! There’s a leak over the stairwell again. I’ve learned to take it all in stride. I tell people we are 20 years into our 2 year project. 😆

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