Gone Too Soon


About 5 years ago,  I learned that the son of the brother of my co-member in a religious organization died suddenly.  He was only 25 years old.  His father woke him up so he could go to work. He sat up on the bed and was found immobile, no longer breathing when his father checked up on him after 5 minutes. His father said he used to eat a lot of bacon.  Another young man who is the grandson of another church worker, about 18  or so,  also had a heart attack. He was also overweight and loved eating processed meats, too.

A few weeks ago, we were shocked by the death of the only son of a neighbor.  He also had a heart attack and was only 35 years old.

2 weeks prior to that,  the grandson of another co-member of our religious organization died of a stroke.  He was only 39 years old and on the overweight side.

What gives? Why are these young men dying?  A common factor with these men is that they love eating animal meat, processed or not.  I haven’t done enough investigation to make a definite conclusion about their death and diet. And why are there more young males succumbing to heart attack than females?

We, in our community, have accepted our fate of getting ill seriously as we step into our senior years with resignation. My sister would always say “You have to die of something!”

But the death of these young men are harder to accept and a cause of great sorrow for their parents and loved ones.


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